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How can we help you declutter?

Do you need help decluttering your home, office, storage area, basement or garage?

Has your house gotten so out of control you don’t know where to start organizing?

Do you feel like you need a bigger house when all you really need is to have your home function properly for your needs?

Are you ready to let go and have a professional organizer who is compassionate and experienced help you make those important decisions?

Can you devote time each week or month in reclaiming lost space in your home?

Enjoy your home again!

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Do you need a closet, storage room, garage or kitchen organized? We do any areas of the house that need attention and organizing. 

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As part of our decluttering services, we remove the garbage, recycling, hazardous waste and charity items so that you don’t have to do it. We help you make difficult decisions.

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Online Auction

If you have enough items to sell, we can help organize an online auction with Maxsold Auctions. This also helps to compensate for the cost of our services, and your things will be loved by others and not just go to landfill.

Many issues come up in our everyday lives that can cause us to shy away from cleaning up and declutter.

Depression, anxiety, and  procrastination can all contribute to chaos in your home.

You may find you have too little time since there is always something more important on the go.

Once you hire our team of professional organizers, we will consult with you to find out how you live and what is working or not. Then we decide on a strategy together to declutter and organize all the spaces in your home that need attention.

Are you ready for a change and need that push to get started?

We help you make difficult decisions!

Remember, your family’s clutter and disorganization was not done in a day and cleaning out years of belongings can take a while. We will be with you as much as you need us.

FREE Estimate

We offer FREE estimates when you send us an email with pictures of your home.

In-Home Estimate

You can also book an in-home assessment for $150 (plus HST). This includes a thorough review of the project (up to 60 min at your home) with ideas and suggestions, research and a follow-up email with estimate (if applicable).

The Steps...

Step 1

Fill in this questionnaire to help us know how we can best serve you.

Step 2

Send us an email with pictures of your home here: 

[email protected]

Step 3

Book your free 30-min. consultation.

We service the Hamilton, Halton, Haldimand, Mississauga and Niagara regions.

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Reclaim your Space...

Are there rooms in your home you dread entering and you are just not sure how to start organizing?

Do you have space to relax and clear your head?

No need to buy a bigger home. Just organize, declutter, and simplify the one you already live in.

Our team can help you reclaim your space with our professional organizing services!

Do you have more questions about decluttering?

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