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Feeling Overwhelmed With Your Home?

Clutter Relief Services offers professional organizing services.
We help you with downsizing, decluttering, estate clearing, or packing and unpacking.
Serving Hamilton, Halton, Mississauga and areas in Niagara, Haldimand and Brant.

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Is your home full of belongings you no longer need or want?

Has the size of the house or the stairs become too much for you to handle?

Are you needing to help an elderly parent and is your family too busy or live too far away to be able to help?

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Realtor Services

When your client doesn’t have the time, energy or mobility to prep their home for sale, call on us to help.

With our team of Professional Organizers, we can help prepare the home and work with the clients in a timely fashion. 

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Estate Clearing

We can help you if you have been left with an estate and are just too overwhelmed to even know where to start.

If you are too busy with your own life or live too far away to clear it out, we can do all the work for you.

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Let us help you determine what is most important and what you can fit into your new space (or just right size the space you have).

We can take items to charities for donation or help you sell online.

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We can help you declutter and decide on what is important. As part of our decluttering services, we remove the garbage, recycling, hazardous waste and charity items so that you don’t have to do it. 

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Packing and Unpacking

Our team can pack and label all your belongings and be there on moving day to help manage the move. We can also come to your new home and unpack everything (as long as its within our service area). 

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Having Clutter Relief Services as your partner, we will help get you more money for your home. We can showcase what your home has to offer by removing distracting clutter in the home which will make it look larger.

To see the full range of professional organizing services options, click here.

Judy Rickey- Clutter Relief services

Hi, I'm Judy Rickey

I started this business part-time in 2010 and now I have a wonderful team of organizers from all over the areas I cover and I can focus on growing the business.

Helping seniors and their families is what I love to do.

I am a breast cancer survivor who has been through surgery, chemo and radiation along with Covid restrictions in 2020-2021 and now am doing well. I am now developing healthier habits such as walking daily and a better work/life balance to lower stress levels and stay healthy.

In my downtime, you will find me researching vintage items, working on jigsaw puzzles, Diamond Art or reading/listening to audiobooks.

My New Book

Clear The Clutter, Reclaim Your Life

A Professional Organizer Shares Her Enthusiasm For Helping People Clear Their Clutter

If you want to learn more about me and my life and about the decluttering process, downsizing and more, I encourage you to pick up a copy.

Virtual Organizing Services

I offer Virtual Organizing sessions. We can discuss steps for decluttering and ideas for organizing or changing the spaces to work better for you. I offer one hour weekly or biweekly Virtual Organizing sessions.

Set up a FREE 30 min call with me to find out more…

Our Team

Our Team - Judy Rickey- Clutter Relief services

Learn More About Our Team…

Award-Winning Service

Readers Choice - Judy Rickey - Clutter Relief Services
Judy Rickey - Clutter Relief Services
Judy Rickey - Clutter Relief Services
Judy Rickey - Clutter Relief Services

Customer Reviews

"Best money I ever spent. They took all my stress and anxiety away and took care of sorting, boxing, dumping and donating."
Brenda Sault
"We lucked in! A call to Clutter Relief solved our dilemma of many years’ buildup of “stuff “by ourselves and some from our children (no longer at home)."
Brian Morris
"Judy is amazing! I am a realtor in the greater Hamilton/Ancaster area and use her services to organize and declutter homes that I am getting ready to list."
Cindy Murrell-Wright

The Steps...

FREE Estimate

We offer FREE estimates when you send us an email with pictures of your home.

In-Home Estimate

You can also book an in-home assessment for $150 (plus HST).  This includes a thorough review of the project (up to 60 min at your home) with ideas and suggestions, research and a follow-up email with estimate (if applicable).

The Steps...

Step 1

Fill in this questionnaire to help us know how we can best serve you.

Step 2

Book your free 30 min. phone consultation.

Step 3

Send us an email with pictures of your home here: 

[email protected]

Service Areas


Yes of course!

If you are too busy or out of town (or country), we can help with your parents either to make their home more liveable and safer or get ready for a move.

We are a one stop shop and can take care of everything from disposal, donation, decluttering, selling items, and online auctions.

In addition we can assist with packing, cleaning, staging and finding a realtor to sell your home if needed.

As a professional organizing services company, we help you focus on the task at hand.

Because we realize what you own is important to you, we can help you make good decisions on what should be kept or not, depending on various factors.

We are friendly and non-judgmental and we show up ready to work!

Then, once the decisions are made, we will make sure it is all taken care of whether we put garbage in the garage or bring it to the dump or get a disposal bin or a junk removal service.

Cost starts at $340 plus HST. An average downsizing project runs between $4k – $12k depending on the amount of clutter and how fast the clients can make decisions. 

Our regular costs are for our organizer team members.

Additional costs can include disposal bins or junk removal service, moving boxes or containers and paper shredding services.

Also, there may be some extra costs if we need to rent a U-Haul for donations or moving to a storage unit, or removing hazardous waste. 

All our team are associated with the Professional Organizers of Canada. Many of them are Trained Professional Organizers or have years of experience.

In addition, they all have police checks and follow a code of ethics.

Many of them also have their own small businesses and specialize in different areas of organization.

Feel free to watch their interviews by clicking the link below:


All our organizers are fully vaccinated, and we wear masks and use sanitizer or wash hands regularly.

Do you have more questions?

More Customer Reviews

"I found out about Judy’s services from The Spectator and I didn’t even know this type of service existed. I highly recommend Judy and her team to clear your clutter!"
Deanna Reyes
"Judy Rickey and her team were amazing at taking care of my clients who have physical challenges and felt overwhelmed at the thought of down-sizing."
Carmen Arancibia
"Top-notch service, many smiles and kind words, lots of encouragement, and great advice. I can only give you five stars, but really, you deserve 10 on this one. Best. Service. Ever."
Sarah Hill


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