Professional Organizers in Canada

I joined Professional Organizers in Canada in 2011 and have been a volunteer in the association since 2017.

From 2017-2019 I was the Director of Finance for the National Board.

From 2019-2023 I was one of the Programming Coordinators for my chapter (Halton-Peel)

Since mid 2023 I am the Treasurer of the chapter. 

What I am really proud of is my recent designation as a Gold Leaf Member.

In order to get this you must be with the association for at least 10 years and earn 100 service points from giving back.

Mentoring other organizers and taking part in many volunteer days and being part of the Awards Committee helped me earn those points apart from volunteering with the board.

Harold Taylor Award with the POC

In addition, I won one of the 2 prestigious awards at my organizer virtual summit in November 2020. I am so proud of my accomplishments and for being in this amazing field with amazing organizers!!

The Professional Organizers of Canada means so much to me and my business. I found the Organizers I trained under through them.

Now I find my own subcontractors that make up my team from the active members of my chapter.

I know that these team members will be following the same code of ethics I follow and that they are dedicated to their profession.

In 2019 I was a finalist for the award as well but it went to my well deserved friend Hilda Rodgers from Overwhelmed to Organized based out of Mississauga.

My Team

Judy Rickey- Clutter Relief services

Did you know fully trained Professional Organizers are available all over the world?

In Canada, Professional Organizers in Canada are the organization I belong to as well as my team.

We abide by a code of ethics, have police checks and insurance so feel good knowing you hired the right team.

Many of my team have their own businesses as well.