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Read some of our client’s testimonials. They share their experiences working with our professional organizing team.

Judy and her team are excellent professionals. I have used their services twice and will continue to do so as needed. They have the high level of emotional IQ necessary to do this work. Most decluttering should be about trying to understand the clients emotional needs and help them to balance these with practical concerns. We do not all place the same value on things and there are often legitimate emotional or trauma barriers to decluttering. It’s not always about ‘have you used the object in the last 6 months’. It’s an art to assist clients to make decisions about what to keep and what to let go. I’m not sure the decluttering world as a whole understands this well but the Clutter Relief Team do a very good job of getting at the goal of letting go without creating shame or anxiety. They were fast, easy to have in my home and helped me to make some difficult decisions. They have excellent tips and storage tools that assist you to organize your space that you can continue to use. Another important feature is where the items ultimately end up. I found that it is much easier to let things go if I know my things will be recycled or reused. Judy knows where to bring items that will find good homes and does that work for you. I highly recommend using CRS. Even a half day can help to get you started on improving your home or work organization.

Mary-Jane M.

Judy customized a package that was within my budget and met my needs. I learned to downsize and declutter online with her and acquired a useful skill for life. It was also therapeutic to have someone to review items with, air out the stories behind them and part with things that no longer serve me (both physically and emotionally). She also sent a really hardworking and incredibly caring team member to my house who worked diligently until the job was done, barely taking any time for herself. I would definitely work with them again!

Olivia N.

Virtual Coaching/Decluttering Client

We were at a loss when both of our parents passed away suddenly.  We had a whole house to clear out and limited time to do so. Judy and her team stepped in to help and really saved the day for us. They were able to support in cleaning out the house and organizing the movement of furniture within and outside of Canada.  Thank you for all that you did.


I had Dale and his crew come to help me de-clutter the attic, basement and kitchen. Best money I ever spent. The anxiety I was experiencing every time I looked at the rooms was overwhelming.

My parents’ home has been in the family for 51 years and I never realized how much my parents had accumulated. 

Thank god for Clutter Relief Services!  They took all my stress and anxiety away and took care of sorting, boxing, dumping and donating.

The rooms look better than they have in years and have allowed me to move on with renovations. 

Brenda Sault

We lucked in! A call to Clutter Relief solved our dilemma of many years’ buildup of “stuff “by ourselves and some from our children (no longer at home).

Clutter Relief was fully capable to do it. They were thorough, efficient, honest, and allowed us to move on quickly in another direction in our life. Subsequently we listed our house for sale, and it sold in 3 days and well over asking. 

Brian Morris

Judy is amazing! I am a realtor in the greater Hamilton/Ancaster area and use her services to organize and declutter homes that I am getting ready to list.

She is always on time, organized, trustworthy, professional and excellent with my clients and their needs/wants. I have used her in my own home to organize an office as well as my basement with amazing results!

Cindy Murrell-Wright

I found out about Judy’s services from The Spectator and I didn’t even know this type of service existed. My basement had become a cluttered mess from inheriting loved ones items and living in my home for over 25 yrs.

I was feeling depressed thinking about how I was going to clean it up as I have some mobility issues.

She came and gave me an estimate and I booked her and her team in. Her and her team of 4 worked very hard that day and filled a Uhaul truck with donations and consignment items which she took away.

They were friendly and efficient and I was able to get her junk removal team to take out the bad insulation once the space was cleared plus all the garbage.

I feel so much better knowing my space is clean and I only kept what I will need and use. I highly recommend Judy and her team to clear your clutter!

Deanna Reyes

Judy Rickey and her team were amazing at taking care of my clients who have physical challenges and felt overwhelmed at the thought of down-sizing.

At the initial first meeting, Judy showed a high degree of professionalism, sensitivity, and experience. She laid out a plan according specific needs to meet the time frames required.

That alone helped ease their burden. Her team are equally caring, sensitive, and hard working. My clients are extremely happy with the level of care they received and as a realtor, this is extremely important to me. I highly recommend Clutter Relief Services.

Carmen Arancibia

Judy, I cannot thank you enough for your team’s hard work, attention to detail, dedication, and energy in what can only be described as an “emergency intervention’ for my mom’s recent move.

Top-notch service, many smiles and kind words, lots of encouragement, and great advice. I can only give you five stars, but really, you deserve 10 on this one. Best. Service. Ever.

Sarah Hill

Judy provides exceptional service to her clients. I was in desperate need of decluttering my home prior to listing It for sale.

She came highly recommended by my real estate agent. I have injuries that prevent me from doing a lot of things and Judy was my saving grace.

She is efficient, pleasant, reliable, very understanding of my situation and worked with me to make my home free from all the clutter that accumulated. She is compassionate and caring and extremely hard working and dedicated to her clients. I cannot rave enough about her and the service she provides.

I have hired her to come back and help pack my home once it sells as well as declutter the home I am moving into as my partner, and I are blending our families. I promise you; you will be very very impressed and pleased with her services, Thank you Judy for everything.

You’ve most definitely made my life and this process as stress free as possible, and I most certainly appreciate your positive attitude and the pride and care you take in your business.

Stacegee G.

I cannot thank Judy enough! She is so professional while caring. I moved earlier this year and had so much going on with a little one that I chase non-stop, her room turned into a dumping ground. It became overwhelming.

Judy helped me break it down and now my daughter has the pretty perfect room she deserves! I would happily recommend Judy to anyone looking to help organize, simplify, de-clutter, downsize.

She makes what feels the impossible happen. I swear she is magic. From bottom of my heart thank you so much!

Sarah Gardner

We have had the pleasure of working with Judy Rickey of Clutter Relief Services for several years now. She is a valuable part of our real estate business. We have recommended her to many clients who have raved about her!

She is caring, courteous and has an amazing team of professionals to help her in large or smaller jobs. We would not hesitate to recommend her to help our clients move, downsize, or organize their current spaces.

We have seen firsthand the value her services bring. There is no doubt that her work prior to listing helped sell homes at a higher price and faster because potential buyers could see the homes features.

Jennifer Robb

Judy and Team did a fantastic job in decluttering and cleaning out my mother-in-law’s house and prepping it for sale.

We had a tight deadline as we wanted to get it on the market before the winter. My wife and I didn’t think it would be a big job so we started chipping away at it by ourselves when we could. We soon realized it would take us 2 years at the rate we were going so it was time to call in an expert.

It was important that as much get donated or recycled as possible. We also wanted to preserve any memories (mostly photos and letters) as possible and any important paperwork. My Mother in-law didn’t remember where all her jewelry was stored so we needed someone who could go through every pocket and drawer as well clean up and stage the house.

When Judy said they could do the job in 4 days I thought she was crazy! Turns out the job was completed on time…in fact, we had everything done 2 weeks before our deadline.

The team were extremely efficient and effective, and all were very enthusiastic about their job!

Words can’t do justice to how well it worked out. The job was huge, but the emotional component can’t be underestimated, this was someone’s home for 58 years so the emotional support that Judy gave us was something I hadn’t thought about but during the process it was something we both highly valued.

Overall, I’d highly recommend Judy’s team, they were a joy to work with.

Brian Campbell

Not living locally, we were in need of a lot of help following the death of an elderly parent who had adult disabled children living in the home.

We needed to sell the house and found out it was in horrible condition (both clutter and cleanliness). The house was in an overwhelmingly bad state based on pictures we saw and report from realtor.

We are so amazingly happy with your and your team’s work. We can’t believe how much the house ended up selling for over asking and it was a direct result of all your hard effort. In addition to cleaning and decluttering, you sold unneeded items and arranged for storage.

You really went above and beyond, and we can’t thank you enough. You even found them a temporary place for the affected family members to live, which took a lot of pressure off.

We 100% recommend Clutter Relief Services. They are life savers.

Mark Barnard

I’ve wanted to move forever but couldn’t figure my way out of all my … stuff. 20 years in the same place & still a ton of my late husband’s things all over that I didn’t want to deal with. I found Clutter Relief & got in touch with the owner, Judy.

Before I knew it, she set up an appointment for a quote & I knew I’d hire her before I even met her in person. It is very difficult to let someone “in” to see that pile of stuff that you’re ashamed of. Judy was someone I felt right away I could trust not to judge. I knew she understood.

Her INCREDIBLE team worked like dogs in dusty, hot conditions in rooms I hadn’t even opened in forever. In 4 days, her team accomplished what I’d been trying for years. Every room in my home was sorted, thrown away (responsibly & environmentally), donated and packed to move! In fact, Judy even had an incredible recommendation for a Real Estate Agent I worked with, and I’ll be in my new home in a few days!

After years of false starts & stops, I am so thrilled to be rid of everything. I feel so much lighter, literally & figuratively. And Judy and Clutter Relief are absolutely who made it happen. I am so thankful I took that leap of faith & got in touch with Judy. I couldn’t recommend her more highly. This process was worth every penny.

Jacquie Gilmour

Packing and moving to a new home is stressful at the best of times. When you’ve lived in one house for more than twenty years accumulating things, the prospect of downsizing is daunting.

You need a true partner, and Clutter Relief acts in that way … advising, collaborating – and working fiendishly. First, Judy Rickey showed me how to set up for a MaxSold auction, freeing me up to take the photos and write the descriptions.

With her assistance, I sold more than 96% of the items posted in less than a week. She recommended an excellent de-junking service as well as cleaners, and they worked tirelessly to clear the place out.

She and her team packed and labelled boxes so effectively I found only one damaged item (a long-stemmed wine glass, which is pretty low attrition). The new owner arrived on moving day and made a point of telling me how impressed he was.

Then after the dust had settled, Judy and Kate helped me unpack boxes at my new home and create an organized plan to set up my new kitchen. Most of all, Judy was non-judgemental and supportive throughout the process, with a sense of humour and always a work ethic.

Downsizing is tough, but it can also be cathartic – if you have the right people to help. And I did.

Cameron Levack

I would definitely recommend Judy and her professional team from Clutter Relief Services. She offered an amazing presentation to our military community with tips and information for all to use. We were all very impressed with the quality of information, attention to detail and expertise that she offers to all of her clients. Once again, Clutter Relief Services is highly recommended to anyone

Donna P.

Program Coordinator, Southwestern Ontario Military Family Resource Centre

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