We Help You Sell With Maxsold Auctions

Why Host An Online Auction?

When people have to downsize after being in their homes for decades there is often an abundance of items that need to be cleared out.

When a loved one passes on and you are in charge of clearing their estate there are a lot of decisions to be made.

One of the ways the clearing of non-smoking homes in good condition can be done is to have a Maxsold Auction.

We will come and ascertain if it is a good fit to have an auction, as in cost effective. If you have been left a lot of jewelry or a coin collection or a ton of collectibles then those items could fetch a lot of money. 

If you have teak furniture or a lot of mid-century modern or even antiques, those do well in auction.

If your furnishings are from the last 20 years or if you have a lot of unopened items those could also do well as does original artwork.

Most of our auctions have gotten over 8k views during the week they are online.

The auctions are seen by thousands of people in Ontario who are seeking out certain items.

Everything starts at 0 and there are some items which do not get sold but for the most part at least 96% of your items are sold. 

You might find that a table sells for $10 but a spy camera from the 1970’s sells for $250. Final price is determined by the market and if there are competing buyers.

We like to say that everything goes to good homes or are bought by resellers who keep goods out of the landfill. 

It does cost more to have an auction then for us to pack it all up and donate it.

However, in many cases it is worth it and the auction proceeds cover most or all of the expenses of running it (and sometimes pay for all our services).

Areas We Serve

We service Stoney Creek, Dundas, Binbrook, Ancaster, Hamilton, Waterdown, Burlington, Oakville, Milton, Georgetown, Grimsby, Beamsville and Caledonia for the auctions. All are in Ontario, Canada.

Maxsold - Clutter Relief Services - Judy Rickey
Maxsold - Clutter Relief Services - Judy Rickey
Maxsold - Clutter Relief Services - Judy Rickey

The Process

Your Experience

We help you step by step…

  • Clutter Relief Services will set up the space and prepare your items into saleable lots which could take one day or multiple days. Then we take photos, write descriptions and check the draft before it goes online. Typically coin and jewelry collections are lotted in house as more research goes into these.
  • Then, MaxSold will host and market the online auction for approximately one week. Everything can be done is as little as two weeks with minimal impact on you and your home.
  • Our friendly team is there for the auction pickup which will take place in the home and we will assist the buyers to get their winning items quickly and efficiently.
  • If you do not have enough items or live in a condo then we can arrange to sell your items with others in a sale from our location. Some restrictions apply such as no large furniture and only items we think will make over $20.
  • Clutter Relief Services will also market the auction online and we use the auction as part of our clearing services so once the auction is done, we will remove everything else from the home and even have it cleaned if desired.
  • We help you sell decades of possessions simply, efficiently, and without judgment!
  • The client will receive 70% of the sales of the auction either towards their clearing or by etransfer if there is extra.
  • In short, MaxSold is your best solution to sell everything simply!

    We Promote For You...

    The Promotion

    Maximize your online auction’s reach with our Social Media Manager’s help.

    We advertise your Maxsold Auction on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Pinterest, attracting more potential buyers to your treasures.

    Our expert team will help promote your items and increase your auction’s visibility, resulting in more bids and higher profits.

    Maxsold - Clutter Relief Services - Judy Rickey
    Maxsold - Clutter Relief Services - Judy Rickey
    Maxsold - Clutter Relief Services - Judy Rickey

    Past Auctions

    The Results

    Want to see what some of our past auctions looked like?

    We have hosted over 20+ previous auctions with MaxSold.

    Click here to see what some of them included.


    Customer Reviews

    "Best money I ever spent. They took all my stress and anxiety away and took care of sorting, boxing, dumping and donating."
    Brenda Sault
    "We lucked in! A call to Clutter Relief solved our dilemma of many years’ buildup of “stuff “by ourselves and some from our children (no longer at home)."
    Brian Morris
    "Judy is amazing! I am a realtor in the greater Hamilton/Ancaster area and use her services to organize and declutter homes that I am getting ready to list."
    Cindy Murrell-Wright