RetroScripts Memory and Legacy books are what started it all. After working for 5 years with those at the end of life, I realized how important it is to preserve our adventures and explorations. The good, the bad and the crazy. We travel through life experiencing, touching one another and creating these magical memories, and to me, it’s important not to let those stories fade. They bring knowledge, experience and a way to connect while empathizing and understanding. 

RetroScripts Memory and Legacy Books

Creating a Life Legacy or Memory Book with RetroScripts is easy and stress-free. During Covid, all meetings with me will occur virtually. It all starts with booking a consultation, where I will explain the process and get a feel for the book you would like to create. I will then meet with you, your family and friends to voice record your story and weave my magic to create your tale. Often, family and friends are spread across the world, so they are encouraged to email their stories, messages, and images or attend the virtual sessions. 

Next, I will sit down with you and voice record your journey, then take that voice recording and transcribe it into a beautiful hardcover-bound book complete with images, quotes, and unique pictures. There is something simply amazing about seeing your life in print and having something that you can pass down through the generations.   

What’s included?

All legacy and memory books include 2 hours of interview time and a 24- page hardcover book with your images. In addition, several packages are available with options such as slideshows, music, PDFs and audio recordings of your book.

Each book takes between 5 to 16 weeks to complete, depending on your schedule and the package that you choose. Packages start at $950. The completion of the book includes:

  • Voice recording
  • Transcription
  • Journal entries or writing added to your book
  • Editing for grammar and spelling
  • Making the language and tone authentic to the storyteller
  • Scanning/ editing of photos
  • Professional layout 
  • Collection of material from friends/ family
  • Virtual walkthrough of the book with clients
  • You choose the font, size of font, colours and all extras

Kimberley Rivando- Robb


Everyone has a story to tell…

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