6 Tips For Fridge Maintenance

Here are some great tips for cleaning your fridge that I found on Pinterest!

Best Practices for Keeping Your Fridge Organized

#1 – Group Like with Like – Categorize items by type and keep related items together. Then, once sorted, have a designated place for each category. For example, keep condiments and dressings together in the door, and keep deli meats and cheeses in a drawer.

#2 – Labels – Labeling a container or shelf makes it much more likely that an item will be returned there. This is especially helpful for families with children. Some people prefer erasable food storage labels that change along with the ever-changing contents of a family fridge.

#3 – Leftovers – Designate and label a shelf or bin for leftovers so they don’t get tucked away into various areas of the fridge. Giving a home to leftovers helps to ensure that they are eaten before they expire, thus not wasting money or time.

#4 – Temperature – For safety’s sake, keep a thermometer in your refrigerator. It’s impossible to guess the correct temperature. The interior temperature of the fridge should be 40°F.

#5 – Space – Don’t overstuff your fridge. Cool air needs to circulate around the food to keep it safe.

#6 – Line the Drawers – Use a clean towel (or paper towels) to line the fruit and veggie drawers. It’s easier to replace the towel every week than it is to pull the drawer out to wash and dry it.

Keeping your fridge orderly doesn’t have to be a hassle. After you set up a system that works for you, maintaining it is simple. What are your time-saving fridge organizing tips? I’d love to hear your ideas!