Bringing To Light Forgotten Memories.

 Here are 4 simple things to help with decluttering in your home.

  1. Start with one drawer at a time. Take everything out, clean it out, line it if you have shelf liner and then use containers or plastic baskets or even cut up cardboard containers to separate items. Throw out or put aside anything you don’t need to donate later.

2. Do you have magazines or newspapers around? Go through them quickly and then put them in recycling (unless you have kids that can use it for an art project first). If you find you no longer have the time or get the enjoyment to actually read these then cancel your subscriptions and save some money. 

I have been subscribing to The Spectator for at least 10 years now. I tried to go without it and go digital for about 6 months but I really missed it. I enjoy knowing what is going on around me -the good and the bad, and I don’t watch the news on T.V. or listen to it on the radio. If I do not get a change to read it within 4 days it goes into recycling so this gives me incentive to keep up to date.

Many times we find people keep magazines in their bathrooms and they are full of dust. They could even be 10 years old! Time for those to go. If you really need reading material in the bathroom then one item per family member and once you are done the recycle it.

  1. Go through your main floor with new eyes now that you have been in your home for a while. If you don’t Love everything you have on display, then put it away to sell or donate later. If you still like it a lot but seemed to have forgotten about it, change your décor up. Display it in a different spot or with different items
4. When was the last time you went through old photo albums? This is a good thing to do while you are watching T.V. or listening to books. You should remove your photos from sticky albums (use tweezers or dental floss if stuck).  Then weed out any photos that are not of someone or something you like (or even know). 

Perhaps your parents took 8 different poses of you in that outfit -keep your favourite 1 or 2.  Do you have vacation photos? Keep the memories you remember and loved -not all the pictures of cool scenery.  If you don’t have a new album to use to put the newly selected ones in, then consider using a photo box that is accessible by the family. Acid free boxes are the best for long term storage. 

If you have a story to go with the photo, write it down and put it behind the photos. This can be an activity for the whole family as you reminisce and share stories. 

Once you have the new box or boxes of keepers you can bring them to a photo organizer like Kate Nikoladis.

Bringing to light forgotten memories, finding the value in your belongings and reconnecting with your home.

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