Start Planning What You Want.

 Have you spent time wishing that your life was a certain way and yet complaining because it isn’t?

Have you wished that you could find the perfect mate, win the lottery, repair your relationship with your family or just lose some weight?

This is negative energy and same as clutter it does not help you accomplish what you need to get ahead in life.

Start planning what you want the next week/month/year/5 years to look like? Write down what it is you want to accomplish and then the steps you would need to take.

Next, take those steps and start putting them into your calendar. If you want to accomplish a healthier, stronger body then add in exercise 3-4x a week into your calendar.

Maybe meet with a friend for a walk once a week, go for a bike ride with your family to the park and run around with your kids.

Check out for their many online workout programs or join a virtual gym like the one I go to

If you want your business to be more successful take time to research coaches or people in your field that are successful and see if you can talk to them.

Many successful people are happy to talk about their business and how to get ahead with those starting out.

Put things in your calendar like work on social media posts, reach out to others in the community to grow your network, call up or write to past clients, ask for referrals, work on your website, etc…

By putting items into your calendar and following through this creates momentum and positive energy.

You will feel better about what you are getting done and in turn things will start to happen.

Design the life you want to live, plan for it, don’t wish it and the positive energy will flow through you.

Do you make a weekly/yearly plan and stick to it?

“It takes as much energy to wish, as it does to plan.”

-Eleanor Roosevelt

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