Celebrate Every Step.

 Baby Steps…sometimes it just takes small, daily steps to make big changes in the end.


You are further towards your goal than you were yesterday!

“Someday you’re going to look back on all the progress you’ve made and be glad you didn’t quit.” – completeeveryday.com

If I think back to all the months over the years that I did not have work and wanted to quit, I am just so grateful I stuck it out.

Every person you meet is a new connection.

Every step you take towards your goals will help you get there. Some will even teach you that you want different goals.

I had no idea how big I wanted to grow my company when I first went and registered my business.

It was just a small side business to help other moms with their clutter. I also worked for a few other organizers who needed helpers with lots of energy and charisma.

Then I realized how much I love helping seniors and their families and my focus shifted.

I started working on larger projects where I needed a team.

Over the years I have had team members come and go due to moves or change in careers, but I find other great people to replace them.

Some of these people are building their own businesses like I was, and some are content to just work for others.

Anyways, celebrate your accomplishments even if they are as small as I got out of bed and ate 3 meals today or I got one thing crossed off my list that has been bugging me for a while.

Just keep swimming and one day you will look back and be amazed and how much your life has changed.  

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