My Role As A Professional Organizer

In the last six weeks, I have made many presentations about downsizing and how to help realtors and their clients. I enjoy educating people and making them see things differently.

I also attended the Hamilton Senior Kick-Off last week and handed out over 300 postcards which talked about our services.

People have clutter. When we ask if they have a problem, they laugh or point to their spouse or say to me, “I could use you”. 

However, they will typically go home and I won’t hear from them again.

Clutter is caused from delayed decisions or overbuying or both, so procrastination in dealing with clutter is very common.

Did you know there is a term called “clutter blindness”?

Over the years of living in your home, piles build up in areas and we simply stop seeing them after a while.

Unless we are dusting or vacuuming on a regular basis, you can easily miss clutter.

You know you have it because you don’t want people to come over but it isn’t a problem until you start having mobility issues or mould or rodent issues.

Or, until you have to (or decide to) move.

Then your clutter moves to the forefront and you remember “that decluttering lady” you heard talk or saw an advertisement for.

I encourage you to start early.

Which of these three scenarios would you prefer?

Scenario #1

You end up in the hospital and you are not allowed home until the clutter is dealt with and cleaned. Then you and your family have us to come in and make decisions for you.

Scenario #2

You have a month to put your house on the market or your landlord wants to sell and gives you 60 days notice. Then you frantically call us and we have to declutter your home all at once causing you lots of stress.

Scenario #3

You contact us now and we come and do an assessment. Then you book our team to come in once a  month till all the items you are not using are taken away. Then if an emergency or a quick move arises, you will be ready to pack up or stage the house. The decisions were yours to make and the cost was spread out over many months. We had fun doing it and you had time to document and say goodbye to your stuff. And you could sell the stuff you no longer wanted in an online auction so that other people who needed it could now use and enjoy it.

Think of decluttering as self-care, stress management, and something to put in your calendar regularly.

Don’t delay!

Contact us today to get started – You’ll be glad you did.

Lastly, I cannot stress enough the importance of having a signed Will and Power Of Attorney (POA) and making sure that the POA knows your wishes if something were to happen. Memory loss, sudden illness or accidents are common and you want to make sure your finances are in order.