Summer can be a time of great expense in families as parents need to send kids to daycare, daycamps, overnight camps or have vacation time.  Even if you don’t need to do those things you might still want to set up some day trips with the family to enjoy the summer.  By keeping a tidy and organized home, this will help you and your family enjoy the summer much more.

Plan Ahead

  1. Plan ahead – it is probably too late to book any new camps but you can still try as there are dozens of different ones around your area. Get out a printed calendar and start figuring out what events are going on and for who. Does one kid do BMX racing and one play baseball?  Has one started babysitting or a summer job and will be needing transportation?  Are there any weekends which you know you are going away or renting a cottage?

Write down as much as you can of what you know is happening already.  Then brainstorm on some fun family activities you can do. Maybe a day at a local pool with a picnic or a road trip to another town to check out an event they are having. Go to Home ( to see what different events are available.

Try to choose at least 3 special days with the kids to make memories and try to avoid all the souvenirs which only add to the clutter.




  1. Declutter -If you went through the kids stuff before the holidays it is time to do it again. Twice a year is a good amount to help the kids go through their wardrobes, toys, bags, crafts etc.. This is where you can see if they have grown and need any new clothes for the summer or if they have used up all the paint and need to buy some more for summer crafts. Make a fun day of it and add some music. Parents can spend time in each room with their kids to collect their donations and garbage.

Once it is done then head on out to your favourite charity and maybe stop for pizza or ice cream or even a park to play ball or frisbee. Don’t forget to make a list in your phone on what your kids might need for the summer.

making summer with kids less stressful

Lead by Example

3. Lead by Example -Show your kids by example what it takes to keep a tidy home. Your kids are not going to automatically know how to clean their rooms unless you make it a habit and work with them individually. Almost everyone needs accountability when doing things they don’t enjoy and cleaning rooms is no different. Sit with them and decide on the best way to organize the space. What shelving or baskets or systems will work best? Does it need labelling or will you be using clear containers? Make sure to categorize items and then decide on how much space/type of container they need. Once that space is filled then some items need to go before others can be purchased. Everything in your home needs a home. Toys and items that are special to the children can be displayed/stored in their rooms where toys/items that are enjoyed by everyone can find a central location.

By teaching your kids early on, it will get them into good habits that they will hopefully continue for the rest of their lives. And by teaching them how to keep tidy and organized it also gives you incentive to keep your own self tidy. You can all hold each other accountable. Everyone will have more time on their hands to enjoy hobbies or their belongings -just put them back where they belong regularly.

I hope that these ideas will help you keep your home and your summer more organized!

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