Resisting Change

One of my projects this year, like most, involved a sad situation. 

I was contacted by a friend of mine who was told after many years, her and her family had to move out of their apartment as the owner was selling. 

It was a large apartment for a family of four and the rent was reasonable. They were given a few months to find a new place.

At the same time, her coworker was sitting on an unoccupied home. Her mother, who had lived there for many years, had developed Alzheimer’s as well as some other health issues.

A trip to the hospital in December of 2021 meant she could no longer live in her home.

Her daughter took her in but was also suffering her own health issues.
Other than picking up the mail from time to time, the house was forgotten.

Trauma, PTSD, procrastination, lack of energy and time, and focus were all issues they were dealing with.

The house needed new life and to clear out the old memories and belongings left behind.

So, the coworker decided now would be a good time to rent out the house. It would be cared for again and not have to be sold.

These two friends figured out a solution that would work best for both of them.

However, they needed our services to clear the house in a month.
The project took us almost 100 hours and two junk disposal runs.

We cleared out the bedrooms, bathrooms, basement, laundry room, family room, living room, dining room, kitchen, and whatever the new renters didn’t want from the garage. 

The office was the biggest project as it had a very full closet as well as mountains of paperwork I needed to sort between the following categories:

  • Keep
  • Shred
  • Recycle

This took many hours of sorting time. We ended up keeping bills and bank info for three years and income tax paperwork for seven years. 

Finally we had two full bags of paper needing shredding and many bags of recycling.

Another big part of this project was the Maxsold online auction which we prepared and executed.

There was so much jewellery to be sorted and grouped into lots. 

The furniture was quite vintage and not all of it sold so we donated all that didn’t sell in the auction.

Even with the costs of preparing and holding the online auction, it was still worth it because it brought in approximately $1,500 after we were paid which helped reduce the total clearing costs.

The project was completed a few days before the new family was wanting to move in.

However, because the two were friends, her stuff has been moving in throughout the process.

I was honoured to be able to help my friend out and now she is going to live in her first house and finally have a garden.

The home will come back to life and be filled with good energy and my client will make a monthly rental income as well. Win – Win!!

Although this clearing project would have been less stressful and rushed if it had been done months ago, the universe made it all work out in the end.