Back In Time

Was looking through a garage today and spotted this guy in a corner -children are grown up now so would love to know how Barney ended up by himself out there. So, when I saw this guy, it flashed me back to Sept 11, 2001. 

My baby who was 7 months and I were upstairs watching Barney and singing along (Ok I was singing along). Then I heard my father-in-law call to us to come to the living room. He loved watching the news and had just started living with us. We saw the planes crash and were in shock.

Well, I had a swim exercise class with Jenna that morning and knew I would see my friends, so I went as I needed to process with other people.
We showed up and people were talking about it. Then 4 of us decided to go to one of their homes with the babies and for the next 5 hrs we watched the TV as our babies crawled around us.

I will never forget that day as most of you won’t either. The tragedy that rocked the world. Funny how an object or a smell or sounds can transport you back in time.

One of our jobs as Professional Organizers is to help clients process. Oftentimes they need to talk about their belongings before they can let them go. But once the story is out and told and remembered the objects can be donated, sold, or thrown out.