Divide And Conquer

“Nothing is particularly hard if you divide it into small jobs.”

-Henry Ford

20 min a day minimum. Pick a drawer, cupboard, shelf -remove everything, clean it and then only put back what you use, need or love.

Need to ask others in your family?

Leave those things out and give them a deadline -if you want it, let me know in the next 3 days, otherwise out it goes.

You could even have a specific spot on your main floor where you put a basket and your family knows that every Friday, whatever is in that basket will be donated or thrown away/recycled.

Make sure your house has homes for all the many things of the people that live inside it so that they know where to put the stuff you find away.

It takes less then 20 min to put a load of wash in, put it in the dryer and fold it. Yet how many of us take days or weeks to get to the folding?

I love to listen to books when I fold my clothes.

I used to watch T.V. but then we took the T.V. out of the bedroom as we were not using it.

Folding actually goes quicker when you are only distracted in your mind and not your visual.

I use the Audible app and also the Chirp app to get my books. Ask me if you want some good recommendations.

You know you need less clothing if you regularly washed and cleaned and put away.

We have had clients that avoid doing the laundry so much that they need to continually purchase new clothes.

Not only is that not good on your pocketbook or your space but also if you want to lead a sustainable life then constantly buying new clothes is not the way to do it.

So get into a good laundry routine.

One day a week or one load a day but keep it consistent.

Same with dishes and cutlery. When you run your dishwasher every-time it is full and then empty it you should never run out of dishes.

As for pots and pans if you can’t get to them immediately then at least soak them until you can or else the job becomes harder.

If you took the time to wash it every day or two you would not need to worry about not having enough.

Set a timer -you will see that in 20 min you can get a lot done other than scrolling on your phone or playing yet another online game.

Here is another blog I wrote with organizing tips.