Going The Extra Mile

I am so blessed to be able to help so many people. Monday and Tuesday I worked with a client I see a few times a year. She is very generous and loves my team and I. Today, my vehicle is loaded and I have items for the following:

  • Dog stuff for Animal Shelter
  • Donation items for Salvation Army
  • Coats for Clothing Drive
  • Box of Brand new clothes to bring to Good Shepherd for their Christmas Store
  • Toys for a friend’s son
  • Hazardous waste, e-waste and metal for the dump
  • letters with people’s names that don’t live at her home to go back to the post office
  • Items to return to Bed Bath and Beyond we didn’t use
  • Expired food items that are still OK to eat going to a family that will use them

So, yes my services are not cheap but I always go the extra mile to get things where they need to go.