Kitchen Organizing Tips

What part of your kitchen is the least organized?

Set some goals to help get more organized this week.

It will make your time in your kitchen every day much more enjoyable.

So many times, when we start decluttering homes, we find that they have multiple sets of dishes. 

Well, those were my grandma’s and those were his aunt’s and then my mom bought us Christmas dishes and we got some from our wedding. 

Yet what are they using? 

Sets they bought themselves that are dishwasher safe. 

Then they must store all these dishes but why are they keeping them all? Out of guilt mostly. 

Pick your favourite set of dishes to keep for when you want to use them for special occasions OR make everyday a special occasion. 

Even if they chip or break at least they are being loved and enjoyed rather than stuck under a china cabinet.

If you have a hard time parting with other sets then I suggest keeping a teapot or a cup and saucer or even a serving dish from the other sets and donating or trying to sell the rest. 

You are not obligated to get rid of the entire set together and there are many people that would love pretty dishes that don’t have dishwashers to ruin the borders of them.

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