Laundry Tips For Families

Here are some laundry tips to help you and your family.

Have a clothes basket in every bedroom. 

On Fridays, empty them into your laundry room and sort (we do brights, darks and whites). 

Then start laundering!

From Friday after 7 to Monday morning, we are at low peak prices for hydro.

Home on Saturday or Sunday night? Fold clothes while watching your favourite shows on TV or a movie on Netflix. 

Put the laundry in each room and hope and pray that they will put them away – lol before the next weekend!

If your children are still under 6, then help them sort into drawer piles and assist in putting them in. 

Also, I keep a garbage bag in my closet so that when I am folding and find something too stained or too worn, I put it in to give to a charity box when full (which mainly sells clothes by weight to be pressed into something else).

If the clothes are too small but still in good condition, then sell them or donate them to a charity or pass them down to a friend/relative. 

This way, there are never clothes in your kids’ rooms that are too small. 

Hope that helps! 

Happy laundering!

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