Menu Planning

Are you the type of person who loves to buy food on sale?

Have you stockpiled quite a bit of it by now?

Well now is the time to start designing some meal plans with that food in mind. Look around at all the food you have stored. Check expiry dates and then take out the food you have had for a while.

Now google recipes if needed or just follow the directions and start eating that food. If you still haven’t finished the unopened food in your home and two months have gone by, then it is time to donate it as obviously you might have had good intentions when you bought it but no longer want to eat it.

Try not to buy any of the same type of food you already have until you have run out or start running really low. Food sales are great, but it is not good if the food sits there until it expires or goes bad since you bought too much and can’t eat it all.

If you would like help re-organizing and decluttering your kitchen cupboards and pantry, contact us and we would love to help.

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