Own Less, Worry Less

So many of us are always looking and wanting for more…when we really do have everything we need. 

It is OK to acquire items if you love them and have a home for them in your space. 

However, if you acquire too much then you must get rid of items you no longer love as much so that your place does not become cluttered. 

Clutter creates and attracts negative energy into your home and life and no one wants that. 

Think of all the things you could do with your money instead of buying things you don’t really need.

  • Go on more vacations
  • Save for your kid’s school or your retirement
  • Contribute to charities that you feel strongly about
  • Go out with friends and relatives and spend time with them
  • Do some home renovations you have been needing to do

“When you own less stuff, you find more money, more freedom, less stress, and less worry.” Joshua Becker